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This Hobart N50 5 qt. mixer features one 5 quart stainless steel bowl that locks at top and bottom of travel, which is controlled by convenient hand lever. The N50 comes with one "B" flat beater, one "D" wire whip, and one "ED" dough hook to provide maximum versatility for your bakery, restaurant, or other foodservice operation. With its large, easy-to-use controls, you can easily understand and control the mixer's speeds. Plus, it's simple for new hires to learn the ropes! The N50 has a #10 taper attachment hub so that you can use it with any number of attachments for juicing, grinding, and much more. Also, this unit has a manual bowl lift for greater control of the mixer's operation.

The N50 has three positive speeds: low, intermediate, and high, with a three speed selection transmission. With three speeds, you can better control the results to your liking. The shift handle is mounted near the "OFF and "ON" switch so it is easy to reach. The controls of the N50 are single pole, toggle-type and mechanically interlocked with the transmission shift handle, and include an automatic circuit breaker with manual reset switch.

This Hobart N50 has a 1/6 H.P. motor and requires a 120/60/1 electrical connection.

Hobart N50-60

SKU: 484Z566992
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