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Preserve the freshness of your most popular foods and increase their shelf life with this Galaxy GVME12SS vacuum packaging machine with 12" seal bar, roll cutter and dual pump! Utilize this unit to create an airtight seal around meats, cheeses, and vegetables, extending their freshness and taste longer than other preservation methods, saving you money. The Galaxy vacuum packaging machine features a 12" seal bar with a powerful dual piston pump, which quickly creates tight seals within seconds, making this efficient machine a time saver for your establishment.

A built-in cooling fan regulates internal temperatures to prevent overheating, thus allowing for extended usage periods. Use the intuitive control panel to adjust the machine's pressure levels between three settings (low, medium, and high) and accommodate more delicate foods. You can manually adjust the machine's seal time between 0-6 seconds as well, which is useful for creating appropriate seals depending on how full your bags are and how thick the bag material is. If your bags are filled at capacity, you'll want a longer seal time to create a solid seal, but smaller loads will require only a couple seconds. This unit can also be used to marinate food or prepare for sous vide, as it includes an attachable hose in addition to a pulse and accessory function when using canisters (sold separately). Instead of having to regularly perform maintenance checks and oil changes, the dry pump eliminates the need for oil and is set to deliver long-lasting results.

The machine includes a dedicated storage space for packaging and can house rolls up to 11 1/2" x 50'. Plus, the built-in roll cutter facilitates convenient accessibility and usage. Monitor the vacuum process at a quick glance through the translucent acrylic lid to get the perfect seal every time. Keep an eye on your packaging supply through the lid on the roll storage so you're always adequately stocked. Its durable, stainless steel construction will withstand the rigors of commercial kitchen environments while remaining easy to clean. It includes (1) 11 1/2" x 50' package roll and (6) 8" x 12" bags to get you started vacuum sealing right away. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Galaxy GVME12SS Vacuum Packaging Machine

SKU: 2485481W58
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