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Preserve the freshness of your most popular foods and increase their shelf life with this Galaxy GVMC10 chamber vacuum packing machine with 10" seal bar and maintenance-free dry pump! Utilize this unit to create an airtight seal around meats, cheeses, and vegetables, extending their freshness and taste longer than other preservation methods, saving you money. The Galaxy vacuum packaging machine features a 10" seal bar with (2) 2.5mm seal wires for a secure seal that you can depend on. With a powerful 1/4 hp maintenance-free dry pump that quickly creates tight seals within seconds, this efficient machine is sure to be a time saver for your establishment.

The easy-to-read digital display allows you to quickly use the intuitive control panel to adjust the machine's pressure levels. The adjustable seal and vacuum times offer precise options for a greater variety of foods, including liquid, dry, and wet products like soup and coffee. In addition, this machine has a Smart Vac Function where the packing machine automatically chooses the best vacuum time based on the size of the bag. The bag-clamp device inside the vacuum chamber lets a user easily place and secure the bag in one place, minimizing messes and spills. Food is easily prepared for sous vide cooking with a marinate mode that includes 9 minute marination cycles to save time and marinate fast. Instead of having to regularly perform maintenance checks and oil changes, the dry pump eliminates the need for oil and is set to deliver long-lasting results.

Manually adjust the vacuum time from 0-80 seconds and the seal time from 0-6 seconds for ultimate precision. Monitor the vacuum process at a quick glance through the clear acrylic lid that lets you see where your seal will be to get the perfect seal every time. The seal time can be set in increments of .5 seconds and the custom vacuum time range can be set in increments of 1 second. Plus, its durable, stainless steel construction will withstand the rigors of commercial kitchen environments while remaining easy to clean. . The compact size takes up minimal counterspace, giving you a larger area to work. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Galaxy GVMC10 Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

SKU: 5848948W58
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