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Streamline your dishwashing operation with the Champion DH6000T-VHR door-type high temperature dishwashing machine with booster and ventless heat recovery. With one included peg rack and one flat rack this machine is great for just about any soiled wares, and is also pot and pan rated. A large 27" opening can accommodate trays, pans, and 60 quart mixing bowls. Its heavy-duty construction includes a stainless steel booster and enclosure panels, making it ideal to hold up to the wear and tear of busy commercial kitchens. The built-in electric booster can raise incoming water temperatures by 70 degrees Fahrenheit for a 180 degree rinse cycle.

This machine can complete a full cleaning cycle in just 90 seconds and cleans up to 40 racks per hour. It uses only 0.73 gallons of water per rack. It also has a pot & pan mode with 2.5, 4.5, and 6.5 minute cycles.

The ventless heat recovery system recovers and transfers heat and water vapor back to the booster so it does not have to use as much electricity for heating. Featuring both an automatic tank fill, and automatic drain valve, this machine is simple to operate without requiring constant monitoring by the user. A water pressure regulating valve ensures that you are receiving the appropriate level or pressure while washing. To prevent opening the door during operation, a door safety switch locks the door to avoid potential burns from steam and hot water. A low-water tank heat cut-off will help prevent overheating of the dishwasher which could result in operational failure. This unit requires a 208-240V, 1 phase electrical connection for operation.

Champion 501884-0-WB-CR

SKU: S275481693
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