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Perfect for toasting a variety of items from buns to bagels and more, the APW Wyott M-95-3 vertical conveyor bun grill toaster allows you to quickly and easily toast delicious, crispy foods during peak hours! This bun grill toaster's durable, high-quality gears and 2780 watts of heating power can deliver up to 1,296 toasted bun halves per hour, and its compact footprint enables it to help your business grow while taking up minimal countertop space.

Built for quality and longevity, the M-95-3 toaster features a nickel-coated steel griddle plate that can be thermostatically adjusted from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and its stainless steel construction gives this product excellent longevity. A unique butter roller also allows you to place any amount of margarine inside the machine for quick, consistent, and automatic application, saving your employees time and helping them keep up with customer demand. And to ensure that each piece of food you toast is evenly cooked and glazed, the conveyor is self-leveling to accommodate various buns, bagels, and even Texas toast.

The APW Wyott M-95-3 BagelMaster bun grill toaster comes with 4" adjustable legs.

APW Wyott 3T-M3-35-240

SKU: 15674Q7873
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