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Take your beverage service on-the-go with this Eastern Tabletop HB6505R Hub Buffet 9-piece optic reflector acrylic foldaway bar. This bar is built with a durable, collapsible stainless steel frame for simple setup/teardown, and easy storage. Three tiles are included to create the bar's surface, one being a high capacity double wall ice bin tile to ensure drinks stay chilled and fresh. It also comes with a speed rail, constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, to keep bottles handy at all times. A bar top and three front panels are made with an optic reflector acrylic design, providing the bar with an eye-grabbing, modern look. The three front panels are also effortlessly removable for quick storage, and maintain their premium appearance no matter your customization needs. Each panel is supported by steel edging, protecting against breakage and enabling many years of use without looking worn or damaged. All Hub shelves are reversible and made from waterproof laminate for ease of cleaning and more customization options than alternative portable bars.

This bar is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its heavy-duty casters and felt-covered rails allow you to take it on-the-go and provide a smooth transition between events and services. Plus, no tools are required for setup or breakdown, allowing the bar to be ready for use or packed up within minutes! It is perfect for use on its own, but can also be used as part of the larger Hub Buffet system (other pieces sold separately). Eastern Tabletop offers a wide range of Hub products to help you customize according to any of your venue's needs, from hot plate tiles to LED panels for a more exotic look to your buffet or bar.

Eastern Tabletop HB6505R

SKU: 12S8513487
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