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Add delectable, wood-fired pizzas to your menu with the Chicago Brick Oven CBO-O-MBL-750-SB solar black wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. The ideal addition to your patio dining or outdoor catered event, this pizza oven is designed to elevate your cooking experience and deliver years of reliable performance. It is made with commercial-grade refractory cement that stands up to high heat, and it is reinforced with stainless steel fibers to provide structural integrity and longevity.

With its signature FlameRoll effect, this oven brings the unique flavor profile and visual appeal of a live flame to your establishment. It produces high, even temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure each pizza is cooked to perfection. A modern, efficient flue system provides an outlet for excess smoke to safely escape far from the oven's door. The large 38" x 28" cooking surface allows you to cook a variety of dishes in a single oven. The metal insulating hood provides excellent heat retention to help you achieve crispy pizza crusts, and it boasts an attractive solar black finish that is sure to attract a crowd. Plus, the unit's decorative door adds a stylish touch to any setting.

Whether it needs to be moved on-site at your establishment or taken to an event, this oven is built to be transported with ease! It sits on a custom-built cart with heavy-duty casters, which make it easy to move this wood-fired oven to the perfect spot to serve up fresh, hot pies at your next event. Get started cooking right away with the included pizza peel, cleaning brush, and infrared thermometer! When properly installed, this unit offers full compliance with UL 2162 and ULC C2162 standards. Please consult a local authority to ensure your installation meets local ventilation laws and codes for wood-fired ovens.

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-O-MBL-750-SB

SKU: 548545S254
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